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Tucker and Valerie Kissing by nintendomaximus
Tucker and Valerie Kissing
For quite some time now, I've been wanting to draw a Danny Phantom fanart featuring Tucker Foley & Valerie Gray kissing each other on the lips. And now seemed like a perfect time for me to make that illustration, so here it is! I don't really have too much to say about this drawing of the cute couple, but I hope my fellow Tucker/Valerie shippers like it!
Tucker & Valerie are © Butch Hartman, Billionfold, and Nickelodeon.
Nigel and Abby in Love by nintendomaximus
Nigel and Abby in Love
Because I felt like drawing them, I went and drew up a new fanart featuring the adorable non-canon Codename: Kids Next Door pairing that is Nigel "Numbuh One" Uno and Abigail "Numbuh Five" Lincoln. (And yes, I have already heard the news about KND getting a sequel series.) Somewhat like the last time I drew Nigel and Abby together, I put them in a scenario I'd previously done with Hoagie and Fanny several years ago - them lovingly embracing each other with big smiles on their faces and big red hearts floating over their heads. In fact, I think this picture could serve as a lead-in to the aforementioned Nigel/Abby pic. :aww: I hope you folks like this sweet picture.
Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 5 are © Cartoon Network and Curious Pictures.
A Mother's Day Card for Tootie by nintendomaximus
A Mother's Day Card for Tootie
I wanted to post a new picture for this particular day (5/10/15), and since it happened to be Mother's Day, I figured it should probably be themed around the holiday. And sure enough, I ended up drawing yet another "next-generation" Fairly OddParents fanart featuring Tommy & Tammy Turner presenting a gift for their mother, Tootie. Enjoy, and Happy Mother's Day!
Tootie, Tommy, and Tammy are © Butch Hartman, Frederator Studios, and Nickelodeon.
A New Ferb+Gretchen Wedding Picture by nintendomaximus
A New Ferb+Gretchen Wedding Picture
I decided now was a good time for me to make a new fanart featuring the cute couple that is Ferb Fletcher & Gretchen at their wedding, because I haven't posted a new wedding-themed picture since last November, and it's been even longer since the last time I actually drew Ferb & Gretchen getting married. So naturally, I went and drew this illustration of the happy couple standing arm-in-arm. :aww: As always, I stuck with the same designs I've previously used for the groom's tux and the bride's gown, though I think Gretchen's veil has gotten a little bit bigger, and I think I've improved at drawing her bouquet of roses a bit too. That said, I hope my fellow fans of this adorable pairing like this image.
Ferb & Gretchen are © Disney.
Emmitt and Shareena Strolling by nintendomaximus
Emmitt and Shareena Strolling
Because I felt like drawing a new fanart of this pairing, here is a new fanart I drew just the other day featuring Detention's Emmitt Roswell & Sharenna Wickett. As the title says, I decided to draw them going for a stroll, somewhat like my last Froggo/Aka fanart. And like that picture, I don't have much to say about this drawing except that it is simple and cute.
Shareena & Emmitt are © Warner Bros.


Kacy S.
United States
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Favourite genre of music: Cartoon and/or movie music
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Wallpaper of choice: Collage
Favourite cartoon character: Froggo and many others.
Personal Quote: To write for the character, you must think like the character.


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