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November 12, 2005
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Nov 12, 2005, 9:06:34 PM
Tommy and Kimi Dancing by nintendomaximus Tommy and Kimi Dancing by nintendomaximus
Well, like the title says, it's Tommy Pickles and Kimi Finster dancing! Actually, it looks more like Tommy just asked Kimi to dance with him. Or maybe he's just arrived to pick her up. You decide. Either way, :iconjussonic: requested I draw Tommy dancing with Kimi, and that's a scene I was willing to draw!
Since I wasn't specified whether it should be formal or informal, well, I went ahead and made it another prom-themed fanart while I was at it! The couple's outfits are based very much off of one of the "All Grown Up!" comic stories. At least, Tommy's light blue tuxedo is directly from it (though in the comic it had a different hue). In the case of Kimi, I decided I should have her dress match her "usual" outfit color scheme from the pilot special. So the dress's waist is yellow and pink (like her shirt), its skirt is green (like her, um, skirt), and her slippers are a light shade of violet (like her boots, except they're a darker hue). Also, I gave her pink lipstick ('cause she'll no doubt want to kiss Tommy later). And yeah, her hairstyle, though based off of the aforementioned comic story, resembles how she looks in the show's second season, but that's 'cause I was looking at my "Bad Aptitude" screenshots for reference. In fact, those screenshots are where their expressions come from (sans the blushing). And boy, did it come out adorable! :aww: In fact, I'd say it's my new favorite of all my Tommy/Kimi pics! :love: Hmm, maybe I'll end up recycling these poses for a "Tommy/Kimi wedding fantasy" fanart in the future.
Tommy & Kimi are © Klasky-Csupo and Nickelodeon.
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I've seen something like the dress Kimi's wearing before. Hmmm. AH! GOT IT! She wore a similar dress in the 'All Growed Up!' special.
She wore a similar dress when Tommy and the gang were going to return Stu's Scorpio medallion and head off to the Emica concert. (I was trying to place the scene where it came from, I knew it was from the pilot of All Grown Up!, but I didn't know which scene it was until I watched it on YouTube yesterday.)
Adoreable work on them
Very cute pic.
Thank you very much!
You're welcome.
Sendel90 Apr 15, 2007  Student Artist
You made Kimi look very pretty. And the colors of her dress go well with eachother. And for Tommy, His light blue tuxedo is a good idea, because I like light blue. And black might hide the lines on his body.
Thanks! The colors of Kimi's dress and Tommy's tux do indeed look good here; they match the characters' regular outfits (at least what they wore in the pilot special).
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